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Jocks At Top Universities

Friday, January 8th, 2016

I love sports.  Pro football, basketball and baseball. The breeding ground for basketball and football is the college campus, and while there have been many discussions regarding what exactly defines a college athlete, and should they be compensated beyond room, board and tuition, that remains a work-in-progress.

A recent quote from Washington Redskins wide receiver, DeSean Jackson, almost made me lose my lunch.  Now keep in mind, Jackson attended the University of California at Berkeley. Cal as it is better known, has been touted as the finest public institution in the world.  Yes they have a football team, and apparently they look the other way when it comes to admissions for these players.

“I don’t feel no pressure, man. I been feeling pressure since I was a little kid walking down the street in Crenshaw.”

Really? Berkeley? 3 years at Berkeley?

I really have no problem with schools letting in premier athletes at a lower standard than the average student, but if a school does adopt this practice, make the kid attend school and help the poor guy or gal speak properly as to not embarrass themselves and the school.  Most of these kids will never turn pro, let along get quoted by ESPN.

DeSean Jackson, Cal. There are 1000’s more just like Jackson who got screwed by their respective colleges because they lost their NCAA eligibility to suit up.

Make a scholarship just that. Put the kids on a path to graduate – regardless of eligibility. Yes, they received tuition, but they also tore knee ligaments, broke fibulas and  got concussions – all to get the school’s name and mascot across the bottom of the screen on ESPN, Fox and Comcast.

It takes one college to step up and start this….Cal?  Stanford? Iowa State?


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Welcome to The People’s Republic of Berkeley

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Why are some really smart and intelligent people Democrats?  It’s a really good question to ponder, and most of these Democrats cannot really tell you why, other than “because.”

I had lunch with a friend recently who is a registered Democrat, and a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, arguably the finest public university in the United States.  This person graduated with a degree in Economics, and a grade point average north of 3.5.  If we add up the thousands of hours of studying in high school to keep an A-average that is required to gain admittance to Berkeley, unless you are a star athlete or an “under-represented” minority, and the additional thousands of hours to achieve the high class-standing, it is staggering.  The level of sheer commitment and dedication is not only admirable it is commendable.

In review: UC Berkeley graduate who studied for thousands of hours over an eight-year period to find a great job, earn a healthy salary, drive a nice car and live in a clean, safe neighborhood is a Democrat.  Q: Why? A: Because.

When asked if he felt that it would be correct to have some of his wealth re-distributed to level the playing field of life, there was a prolonged silence.

He asked for clarification, so I said, “I’m sure you know some people from high school that decided to hang out instead of study like you did, who made some dumb life choices and are now janitors, un(der)-employed or out on parole, right?”

He said, “Yeah, so, we all do…what’s the point?”

“Well, they made a choice to hang out on the corner, not study or skip going to class, while you were busting your ass to get in to Berkeley, right”

He said, “Yeah, so…the point?”

“Well, your president, the guy you voted for would like you to help them out, and not just with a hand, but a hand out…and not just once or twice, but basically forever,” I said.

“Essentially, what I am asking is this: Do you believe you should be rewarded for all your hard work, or should you be penalized for succeeding?”

“Rewarded, of course,” he said.  “Why the hell should I be penalized for doing the right thing?” he asked.

My point exactly!

Why can’t more democrats and self-professed Obama lovers read between the lines and see reality? Tax investments, money that was already taxed the first time?  Over tax and target the very people who start the companies that hire our citizens? This defies all logic!

Should I, he, you, or anyone who does the right thing have to support others until the day they die simply because they are too lazy to look for a job or study for a class?  I am not speaking of down-on-their-luck, disabled, handicapped, mentally or physically challenged folks here, but rather those who made bad choices and make no effort to remedy the situation.  Government assistance, unemployment benefits and food stamps all have a place in our society to help people and families get back on their feet, not to become a way of life.

In San Francisco, for example, the Community College, City College of San Francisco has campuses all over town which are accessible by bus. They hold day classes, night classes, weekend classes…classes during the summer, spring and fall, and even winter session.  If you cannot afford the tuition there are waivers and grants; if you need child care that is also offered at no cost. Pretty sweet deal.

The People’s Republic of Berkeley

Berkeley is a unique place, where freedom of speech means that your speech better be in alignment with their opinions, or you will be shot down (figuratively), assaulted (physically) and censored.  I can understand how peer pressure can turn influential 17 year-old freshmen into Kool-Aid drinking liberals, the same way a particular dictator spread goose-stepping throughout a region.

Yes, Berkeley is a place where wearing a “Proud to be a Republican” t-shirt may lead to a physical assault by those who believe in freedom of speech…Welcome to The People’s Republic of Berkeley.

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