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Union Strike Kills Twinkies, Wonder Bread and Hostess and 18,000 Jobs

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos are dead and 18,000 people are out of work, as a union strike has killed Hostess.

Once again, unions try and bleed a company and do not understand a company needs to adapt to meet competition, and in this case, their greed cost everyone on the payroll and Twinkies fans all over the world.

Hostess files Bankruptcy

Unions kill Twinkies and Wonder Bread, 18,000 jobs lost

The strike essentially shut down Hostess production for an extended period, and with no cashflow, there are no paychecks. Hostess couldn’t ramp up production and has decided to file for bankruptcy and sell off their products to the highest bidder.

Grocery stores are competing with Target and Wal-Mart who now sell milk and eggs and are non-union, leaving specialty stores as the only grocers who can charge a premium for their products and support union-scale wages.

Union leaders must be proud they stood up to “The Man” and held their ground, and union members surely feel good today as they backed union leaders who had their best interests in mind.

R.I.P Wonder Bread, creamy filled Tinkies, foil-wrapped Ding Dongs and log-shaped Ho Hos.

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Omni Berkshire Hotel in New York, Unions and the Mafia

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Is organized crime involved with union affairs in New York City?  Is the mob involved with their daily operations, work stoppages and protests?

I was in Manhattan last week, and while on my way to a meeting there was a big commotion with banging drums and a group chanting, “union…union…” across the street from the Omni Berkshire Hotel on 52nd and Madison.  There was a 10-foot tall inflatable rat placed in the street directly in front of the hotel’s main entrance to imply the hotel’s management is rodent-like in their dealings with their particular union.

Omni Berkshire Hotel New York Union Protests and The Mafia

Omni Berkshire Hotel New York Union Protests and The Mafia

It was a small gathering, maybe 20 guys who looked like rugged dudes from Hollywood Central Casting, if there indeed was a call for longshoreman and construction workers.  The guys were mostly standing around looking like rugged union members tend to look, while a couple of loud-mouths did the screaming into a distorted bullhorn.

And then I saw him, in the sea of ruggedness, there he was.  We made eye contact, and I made him.  He wasn’t rugged, and he wasn’t a loudmouth.  He was standing behind the barricade next to the HVAC guys, looking like a leftover from a Soprano’s episode.  He didn’t wear a well-worn paint-stained t-shirt like the rest of the guys, calloused hands or a weathered leathery skin from decades of working in the elements.  No, he had perfectly combed, slicked-back hair, a designer sweater and gold chain around his neck.  It wasn’t a Sir Mix-A-Lot rope chain, but it wasn’t purchased at Zale’s for $99.00 either.

He looked how “muscle” is supposed to look, or at least how it’s portrayed in the movies.

Could he have been there to protect the “interests” of someone or some group, or protect the union workers from being harassed by hotel security or a local beat cop?  Maybe.

Could he have simply been the well-dressed son of one of the protesters hanging out in the middle of the afternoon showing solidarity and support for his dad’s union?  Maybe.

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Why Unions Are Ruining America – Part 1

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Unions had a place in America, once upon a time.  Workers were used and abused and tossed aside by unscrupulous employers who had more people to choose from than there were jobs, so the ball was in his court.

Labor laws were enacted so overtime wages must be paid if more than 40-hours in a given week were exceeded, and children were no longer eligible to contract black lung disease next to their fathers in a coal mine.

Then the United Auto Workers took hold of the car industry and killed the golden goose, and other unions drove manual labor overseas by demanding ridiculous wages, benefits and threatening companies with the S-WORD – Strike. Essentially saying, “If we don’t get our way, we will go on strike and do our best to strangle you, the company that feeds our family.”

This is why Nike makes their shoes in Vietnam and my Polo shirt was stitched in Guatemala – they don’t have to deal with your union crap.

Bay Area Nurses Will Go On Strike October 30, 2009

But some things cannot be outsourced.  I can’t call Bulgaria for a plumber.  Nurses are another perfect example.  Hospitals cannot operate without a stable of nurses, and people will die if a hospital has no nurses.  But that doesn’t matter to the California Nurse’s Association who has called for a one-day strike on October 30th at two-dozen Bay Area hospitals, including O’Connor in San Jose and Seton Medical Center in Daly City, just outside San Francisco.  It appears they are upset their contract negotiations are not going as planned.

According to Catholic Healthcare West, the hospital group that is being held for ransom, the average nurse earns $100-large, plus has health benefits for the nurse AND their family fully paid for.  They are striking over a change in their health care package from a PPO to an HMO.

Welcome to the real world, Miss or Mister RN.  I have to pay for my family’s coverage.  Yes, it’s pre-tax, but it’s still $800 per month, and most people who are not in a hostage-taking union have to deal with this reality.  Companies grow and fold; times are good and we have recessions; we have hiring booms and layoffs.  Markets change and maybe if nurses didn’t make idle threats, just maybe the hospitals wouldn’t need to find less expensive health care for their nurses.  Just a thought.

Oh, and don’t get sick or hurt or have a life-threatening ailment on October 30th if you are in the Bay Area…you might die because a nurse is pissed she has to settle for an HMO.

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