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Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Monday, September 19th, 2011

An interesting tidbit that I just came across: 29-percent of new entrepreneurs in the United States are immigrants.

Truly the land of opportunity, and I see it all day and every day in Silicon Valley.  Why is it that other parts of the country cannot get on the bandwagon instead of waiting for Obama-care to take care of them with temp jobs that lead nowhere?

In Silicon Valley we aren’t afraid of failure; it’s a badge of valor – it means you tried.  Take your lumps and go for another. Companies fail all the time out here, and there are layoffs as well.  Guess where so many of the new brilliant ideas ferment – yes, from laid-off tech geeks.

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Meg Whitman Fights Claims of Racism and Job Outsourcing

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay is running for governor of California, we all know this.  We also know that eBay grew leaps and bounds under her watch, and made her and many eBay employees and investors phenomenally wealthy.

The fact that people from around the world, from all walks of life and all political slants utilize the eBay platform to earn a living, seems be lost on Democrats who would elect a French poodle over any Republican, regardless of their pedigree.

When opponents cannot come up with any real beef against a candidate they grasp for straws, so let’s toss the racism card at Meg, since after all, she wants to control illegal immigration from Mexico.  A perennial candidate for office, Stewart Alexander, makes these “Meg Whitman is a racist” claims for no other reason than because he can.  He claims, and I quote, “Whitman’s position is racist and discriminates against Mexican-Americans.”

Immigration Control Benefits Mexican-Americans

Huh? If anything, it helps Mexican-Americans in the view of non Mexican-Americans in that there won’t be a question if they are here “legally” or if they are undocumented.

There is a huge difference between immigrating legally and going through the proper procedures versus hopping a fence and avoiding border patrols.

This leads me to a man named Osama Bedier.  Osama, who?!  Osama Bedier is the Vice President of New Ventures at the eBay subsidiary,


Osama-Bedier-VP of PayPal-eBay

Would a woman hire a man named Osama if she were a xenophobe? Or did she hire Mr. Bedier because he was the best candidate?  That is something few democrats grasp, Silicon Valley and start-up companies work on merit – if you are great, you are greatly rewarded.  If you are mediocre or lazy, you’re gone.  There are no unions here.

Another jab at Whitman has been that since she is pro-business, she will outsource all jobs to a far-away land, like India, and all the “real” jobs will vanish.  Something to chomp on here – ex-eBay and PayPal employees have spawned companies such as,, and to name just a portion of the long list.  In other words, she hired really smart people who left to start new companies that also hire really smart people and create more jobs.

Meg Whitman will likely become California’s next governor, despite taunts and jabs from democrats that have no muscle behind them.

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English As A Second Language in Corporate America

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and that 2010 is everything 2009 was and 500% better!  I am looking toward the new year and new decade as a new beginning where abundance will be filling my lifestyle rather than a semi-cloudy day.  I am a firm believer in what Tony Robbins said in one of his programs, “Every day above ground is a great day!”

Tony Robbins in Shallow Hal

Tony Robbins in Shallow Hal

Now onto today’s subject.  My day job is working for a Silicon Valley technology company, and because of the potential rewards, we attract the world’s best and brightest.  That said, this was the out-of-office notice for someone I deal with:

Dear Sender ,
I will be out off corporate office on this afternoon.  Pleae feel free call my cell phone at +1 408-xxx-xxxx  or send me email.  For immediatly assistant, please contact Yijen at X 6323 or James at +1 408 ……..  I will return to office on…
Thanks for your email & You have a nice day!

Now, this person is originally from Taiwan, but was educated here and works for an American company.  I don’t think I am being overly harsh by thinking twice if I want to do business with a company that presents itself without spell-checked email and in broken English.  Not everyone speaks perfect English, obviously, so please tell me if I am off-base here in wondering if their email messages are this sloppy, maybe something else is not as clean either?

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Republicans Are Stupid…Too

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Stupidity is equal opportunity.  There are stupid Democrats, stupid Republicans, stupid men, women and kids.  Fat idiots and skinny alike, and there are midget morons as well as very tall morons.

Some Republicans Are Idiots

I came across one Republican on Facebook last week who decided I was in the Stupid category because I disagreed with him on gun ownership and gun control.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I told him that I don’t need a gun and likely never will.  I live in San Jose and cannot go hunting at the park where my kids play, and since I don’t feel a need to pack heat when I go grocery shopping, my desire for a Glock is less than minimal.

This set him off.  Not only did he call me stupid, he went on this rampage:

“OMG I cannot understand how you can be so stupid. You and this site with it’s comments. Just think about this- the only reason you and I can put our thoughts on this or any other site is because of the 2nd amendment. The only reason our home land, the USA, has never been invaded is because we have the right to own guns, the only reason you have freedom of speech is because we have the right to own guns, the only reason you get to work where you wish, shop where you wish, watch movies made by idoits(Chris Rock), see any doctor you wish and pee in you own home is all because of the 2nd Amendment and our guns. If you had half a brain you would do a little research of the countries in this world who do not have the right to own guns and you will discover just how much there crime rates have risen and oh by the way Germany abolished gun ownership and lets see who took power– Nazi’s and they killed millions of people just like you. Keep thinking the way you do an you will find yourself clawing you way to the top of a pile of dead people. GUNS do not KILL people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. That would be you–Yoonsun and Logical Gop. Idiots. I am a true God fearing American, my father fought and was wounded in WWII and I fought in VietNam both of us did so gladly so you could say whatever you like. And guess what we would do it all again for FREEDOM. GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY are the only things that matter. I you do not like it then please leave and donot let the door hit you in the ass as you go. IDIOTS.”

I congratulated and thanked him for his service to his country, but asked a very pointed question: Please tell me one instance in history when a private citizen has stopped an enemy invasion of the United States with his own firearm?  I also suggested he use a spell check – the post is verbatim.

He had no response and deleted me as a friend on Facebook.

Either I am really stupid for not defending our country with my own MX8 assault rifle and keeping Silicon Valley free of invading troops or my opening statement is true…stupidity is equal opportunity.

XM8 Assault Rifle

XM8 Assault Rifle

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Silicon Valley AIDS Walk This Weekend

Monday, October 12th, 2009

This Sunday, October 18, 2009 is the 20th annual Silicon Valley Walk For AIDS.

Whether or not you have any gay friends or relatives, you likely know someone who has contracted the disease, or at the very least, been a fan of a celebrity who suffers from or has died due to the illness.

From baseball player Glenn Burke (who incidently invented the ubiquitous high-five) to Rock Hudson, and Eazy-E

Former NWA front man Eazy-E who died of AIDS

Former NWA front man Eazy-E who died of AIDS

to former Stanford University basketball star Candice Wiggins’ father, former San Diego Padre, Alan Wiggins, it impacts gay and  straight, famous and not so.

Let’s not forget Arthur Ashe, and disco singer, Sylvester, or Olympian Greg Lougainis who is HIV positive.

You can get more information on how to sign up or contribute on their website,

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