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Tax Cheating Businesses

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

It has happened to you: You buy something, often something small, from a market and they don’t ring you up.  They just take the cash and put it on the side.  Maybe it’s just a candy bar or a soda.  And maybe it’s only $1.00. But how many one-dollar transactions does the shopkeeper NOT ring up each day?

In a soup restaurant, getting some Pho to go, the bill was $8.47. On the cash register it said $0.00 as I handed her a $10 bill.

They pocketed the sales tax and are not reporting the receipts. Double tax cheats.

The City of San Jose and the State of California are being taken advantage of, and nobody seems to care.

I am writing a letter to each District Supervisor in San Jose, and will note which ones respond and which don’t. I will also note the cheating restaurants.

If you also come across such cheats, maybe you can mention that they didn’t record the transaction. If they give an attitude, maybe they should be reported. We are all tired of taxes being raised for no apparent reason other than politicians cannot balance a budget, while these nickels and dimes into someone’s pocket.

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Grocery Store Plastic Bag Ban

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Politicians have nothing else to do. Never mind the budget overruns, out of whack pensions for public employees or transit systems that are terminally broken. None of these matter as much as stopping me from having my milk put into a bag made from plastic at the grocery store.  It started in San Francisco, likely the most dysfunctional city in America, and has filtered south to San Jose, a city where bootleg DVDs and handbags can be found in a dozen ethnic shopping malls around town without a second glance from city hall.

Years ago stores phased out paper bags because they killed trees and plastic was cheaper. Now plastic is evil and paper is coming back, or to some stores, such as Ikea, bags have been eliminated, period. We are supposed to bring a re-usable bags. A bag I am supposed to buy.

Never mind the inconvenience or how I will get 4 gallons of milk upstairs from the garage, plus my groceries. Never mind the cans of green beans rolling around my trunk. Never mind that I now have to buy trash bags – plastic trash bags. Today, I reuse these bags for garbage and recycling, but that is probably evil, too.



The micro-management of our elected politicians is getting more and more bizarre, and we as a population seem to tolerate this behavior. The silent majority needs to take a stand to the so-called “correct left” and say enough is enough: do something useful like eliminating all government pensions for those who don’t teach our children or risk their life on our behalf so we can stop living in a deficit world.

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Michigan Economic Development Corporation Wasting Money?

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I was thumbing through last month’s copy of Fast Company magazine and came across the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s ad and it jogged my memory.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

I saw the MEDC advertisement several months ago in the magazine touting “aggressive financial and economic incentives available right now,” for companies that would consider a move to their humble state.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation Never Responded

I visited their website,, read through the propaganda and dropped a note to their email address posted:

I asked about the incentives that may be available to a willing-to-move start-up technology company that is currently in San Jose, California, how my company may benefit and any other offerings.

You’ll never guess the response…ahh….the suspense!

Yes, I am still waiting for their response.  No email response, no phone call, no postal mail with a Media Kit, no smoke signals.  Zip, zilch, nada.

I would be interested in moving our Internet-based company to a location outside California if there were incentives that made fiscal sense, such as tax breaks and investment.

Your tax dollars are paying for these full-page ads, Michigan residents, and the people who are recruiting companies are dropping the ball.

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