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Grocery Store Plastic Bag Ban

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Politicians have nothing else to do. Never mind the budget overruns, out of whack pensions for public employees or transit systems that are terminally broken. None of these matter as much as stopping me from having my milk put into a bag made from plastic at the grocery store.  It started in San Francisco, likely the most dysfunctional city in America, and has filtered south to San Jose, a city where bootleg DVDs and handbags can be found in a dozen ethnic shopping malls around town without a second glance from city hall.

Years ago stores phased out paper bags because they killed trees and plastic was cheaper. Now plastic is evil and paper is coming back, or to some stores, such as Ikea, bags have been eliminated, period. We are supposed to bring a re-usable bags. A bag I am supposed to buy.

Never mind the inconvenience or how I will get 4 gallons of milk upstairs from the garage, plus my groceries. Never mind the cans of green beans rolling around my trunk. Never mind that I now have to buy trash bags – plastic trash bags. Today, I reuse these bags for garbage and recycling, but that is probably evil, too.



The micro-management of our elected politicians is getting more and more bizarre, and we as a population seem to tolerate this behavior. The silent majority needs to take a stand to the so-called “correct left” and say enough is enough: do something useful like eliminating all government pensions for those who don’t teach our children or risk their life on our behalf so we can stop living in a deficit world.

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Ike’s Place Great Sandwiches Terrorizing The Neighborhood

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Only in San Francisco a company can become successful and then get sued by its neighbors for being too successful and get evicted by their landlord.

Ike’s Place, a deli which is located in the heavily gay Castro District is a darling.  They have out-of-this-world ratings and comments, and allegedly put together some of the greatest sandwiches this side of the memory of Little Woman on 29th and Clement.

After the general public started raving about Ike’s on Yelp, the lines started and people who wouldn’t normally venture to that part of town were taking up parking spots and, heaven forbid, spending money.  The tenants in the upstairs units complained about the increased traffic, and the local business decided to call their lawyers and sue Ike.

Ike’s lease is supposed to run until 2018, but the landlord wants him out on his ear so he can find a less successful tenant.  His neighboring business want him out so they have less foot traffic of people they could potentially monetize.  Ike’s neighbors accuse of him of “terrorizing the neighborhood.”

The good part is that it’s nearly impossible to evict anyone in San Francisco, the really stupid part is that his neighbors, instead of opening a lemonade stand and profiting from the traffic, they decide to litigate.  I say we begin a boycott on his neighbors; your thoughts?!

Ike's Place Deli in San Francisco Castro District is being evicted

Ike's Place Deli in San Francisco Castro District is being evicted

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Gavin Newsom Exits Race – Bad News For Republicans

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom, decided to drop out of the race to become California’s next governor.  This is bad news for Republicans, as this leaves Jerry Brown as the early favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the 2010 election.

You remember him, Governor Moonbeam from the 1970’s?  He dated Linda Ronstadt because everyone thought he was really gay.

The Republican’s hope is likely ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who has a boatload of money but no political experience and forgot to vote in a number of elections because she was too busy.

Newsom, love him or hate him, would have been better for the state than Brown, if the Democrats won the office back.  Newsom is logical and actually cares about doing what is correct whereas Brown gives the aura of needing to be correct to feed his ego and “politically correct” to show he isn’t really just a rich white guy who’s never held a real job.  In other words, the lesser of two evils, from a Republican point of view.

Newsom would have brought some elegance to the office.  He has movie star looks and an heiress for a wife, along with a newborn baby.  He can throw out the first pitch at a ball game and not embarrass himself.  Brown looks like an angry old man, and Meg Whitman looks like she can beat Brown or Newsom in an arm wrestling match.

Meg Whitman Air-Kissing John McCain

Meg Whitman Air-Kissing John McCain

Whitman does bring common sense and decades of real-world business experience that should, in a perfect world, have an impact on the state.  The problem is she will likely run into the same brick wall that Arnold banged his head into when trying to bring sense to the school systems, voting districts and spending.  The unions and Democrats ganged up and twisted the truth, not for the betterment of the state, but for the betterment of their padded taxpayer-paid pensions.

Think about this for a second…California leans left, meaning the chances of a Republican winning are slim to begin with.  We pay the most taxes in the nation and we lead the world in innovation, but the state is broke.  I know why and you know why, and Meg knows why, but she would be powerless to fix the problems, and Jerry Brown will just make things worse with more departments, bureaus and task forces.  That is why we should be more than a bit worried.  Sorry to see you go, Gavin.

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San Francisco Illegal Aliens OK To Drive Without A License

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Illegal immigrants in San Francisco can now drive cars without a driver’s license, thanks to new Police Chief George Gascon, who states the city is just “trying to be sensitive to all the communities we serve,” according to a Matier and Ross column on

Joe Illegal, (I cannot refer to him as Jose Illegal, because I’d be stereotyping) gets pulled over for running a stop sign.  Pete Traffic Cop finds he doesn’t have a driver’s license, so he lends him a cell phone to call his neighbor who has a license and insurance to come and get the car.  Everywhere else, even places like Berkeley and Davis, havens for wacko radicals, the car winds up in a towing company’s lot.

How many laws are potentially being broken here?  Driving without a valid license; driving without insurance; possibly driving an un-registered car; and, oh…being an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!

Illegal Aliens Run Free in San Francisco

Remember, San Francisco is a so-called Sanctuary City that refuses to cooperate with the Feds when it comes to rounding up undocumented residents.  The city also lets illegal immigrants who are criminals back into the community to commit more crimes.

District Attorney Kamala Harris should have blood on her hands after an “alleged” MS-13 gang member, Edwin Ramos, gunned down San Franciscan Tony Bologna and two of his sons, Matthew and Michael, and wounded his youngest son.

Illegal Immigrant and MS-13 Member killed Bologna family

Illegal Immigrant and MS-13 Member killed Bologna family

You see, Edwin came here illegally and joined MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), a murderous street gang.  He was previously arrested by SFPD and convicted of two felonies, one when he tried to rob a pregnant woman on the bus, but San Francisco’s Probation Department chooses to ignore the immigration status of their criminals.

Soft On Crime Kamala Harris Running for Attorney General

Kamala Harris, who is also running to be California’s next Attorney General, has decided not to pursue the death penalty against Mr. Ramos.  Remember this on election day, folks.

I am not saying Joe Illegal, mentioned above, is a bad person or will gun down an innocent family.  I am saying he has no driver’s license and he has no insurance, and if he hits you, you are screwed.  He hasn’t had the pleasure of taking a driving test and without insurance, he is a literal ghost that will likely run and hide if he hits something or someone.

Scary stuff if you are driver or pedestrian in San Francisco.

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