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Republican Radio Shows Have Highest Ratings

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I am sure the Democrats will have a testy or humorous comeback to this, but I just read an article in a recent edition of Forbes Magazine that the three highest rated radio talk-shows in America are Rush Limbaugh 15.3 million weekly listeners, Sean Hannity with 14.3 million and Glenn Beck, with 9 million.

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Stanford Grad Damon Dunn for California Secretary of State

Monday, April 19th, 2010

It’s funny, Democrats want the lower class of our society to believe they are their only friends, and that without government, they are doomed to wallow in their misery for generations.

Democrats want us to believe that without social programs we will all wilt and die.  Now some programs are good, don’t get me wrong, but they are a crutch not a solution. Food stamps have helped many many families get through rough patches in their lives, but it is a short-term solution not a lifestyle as some have made it.

When I see a person who has come from nothing and has become something and someone, I am always curious to hear the story.  How did they do it?  What did they do differently that others could model?

In most cases it comes down to two things: education and hard work.  There are no shortcuts.  I tell my 7 year-old daughter this every day: “Do what you have to do first, and then you can do what you want to do.”  TCB – Take Care of Business.

This leads me to Damon Dunn, who is running for California’s Secretary of State.

Ex NFL Player Damon Dunn for California Secretary of State

Stanford grad Damon Dunn for California Secretary of State

Damon, who spent part of his childhood living in a trailer and who’s mother is just 16 years his senior, was an outstanding athlete but also a superior student who was accepted to Stanford, arguably the finest university in the world.  Yes, he played football, but unlike so many underprivileged athletes that let their scholarship go to waste, he took full advantage of his surroundings.

Damon Dunn suited up for a few games in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets, but was never a star and never made any real money playing ball.  He realized he was essentially a fringe player and retired in his mid-20’s to pursue a business career, and it appears to to have been the correct choice.

Just 34 years-old, Damon Dunn appears to be a rising star within the Republican party with good looks, an athletic build, charming smile and a real speaking style – a complete opposite of the lecturing college professor-style that currently resides in Washington D.C.

I look for my politicians to be well rounded, to have held a real job and not be trust fund babies.  I want to be able to relate.  If you are looking for the future of the Republican party, it might be the guy who has overcome hardship through the virtues that have made America great – self-reliance, perseverance, not quitting, regrouping when something isn’t working and trying something else and most of all, hard work.

For what it’s worth, Damon Dunn has my vote.

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Republicans For Gun Control

Monday, November 16th, 2009

I’ve gotten into a few jousting matches in the last week regarding gun control, or my statements that I, personally, will likely never need to own a gun.  I believe my statement was something like, “I live in San Jose and cannot go hunting at the park where my kids play, and since I don’t feel a need to pack heat when I go grocery shopping, my desire for a Glock is less than minimal.”  Apparently this is blasphemy for some. Guess what – gun ownership beliefs do not define political beliefs any more than your religion, or lack thereof!

Let me clear some things up:

1)      I am not against gun control in that I feel people should be able to own a firearm.  I do not see a need however, for any private citizen to own an assault weapon or any other weapon that fires more than a single bullet per trigger squeeze.

2)      I agree with the statement that “guns don’t kill people, people do,” as much as I agree with the statement, “needles don’t inject heroin; addicts do.”

3)      Other than target practice, a handgun does not have much use for a private citizen, since you are not going duck hunting with a Glock.

Dirty Harry needs a gun, I don't

Dirty Harry needs a gun, I don't

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people – stupid people with guns

Since there are a lot of right-winged yahoos out there who think that anyone who thinks like me cannot be a registered Republican, here is a thought…in fact a solution for the rampant crime in our cities that comes from guns…I mean people, since guns cannot think or commit crimes.  Ready, Charlton Heston followers…here goes:

Moving forward (that means from this point on, for you under-educated folk), all handguns sold in this country will be test-fired upon sale, and that bullet and accompanying ballistics will be entered into a data base.  Ballistics, for those who are not familiar with the term, is like a gun’s fingerprints.

With the gun’s fingerprint on file, it will be less likely that a gun owner will be inclined to commit a crime.  Ah, but what if the gun is “lost” or stolen, and “another person” does something unsavory with this gun, you ask?  Well, maybe you don’t have the gun anymore, but at least if a crime is committed and a bullet recovered, we know where to start the search for the criminal – your front door.

My idea still gives you Second Amendment rights, but may help solve crimes as older guns fall by the wayside.  So go ahead, let me have it…any argument for gun ownership other than hunting, target practice or protecting a home isn’t going to get very far!

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Logical Republican Has Arrived – Love Me or Hate Me

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

This is just what we need, another political blog from a semi-right-wing living contradiction who is a non-bible-thumping, non-Barack Obama-hating, non-George Bush-loving Republican hailing from San Francisco.

Does the world really need my commentary and opinion?  I’d like to think so, because I am right, as in correct, on most things.  Am I smarter than you?  According to statistics based on that (ha-ha) culturally-biased Stanford-Binet IQ Test, yes – or at least more so than 98% of the general population.  But that’s not why I tend to be correct most of the time, it’s because I try to use logic and common sense.  Not because I am a pompous jerk that recites test scores, though some may dispute this.

Logic tells me that General Motors cannot survive paying legacy workers’ pensions and benefits to the tune of $6000 per vehicle sold.  In other words, $6-large off the top of each car, truck and SUV GM sells goes to pay off people who no longer make their lousy cars in their under-producing factories.

Common sense tells me it’s not racial profiling when police pull over a 1976 Monte Carlo with 20-inch rims and a broken tail light or overly tinted windows in a gang-infested neighborhood.

My heart tells me that if I lived in a poor country with little chance for success that I, too, would beg, borrow and steal my way into this country, regardless of the potential consequences.  Same as if my family were hungry, I’d feed them someway, somehow.  Not that my methods would be right, but they would be.

My opinion is that all of those who thought George Bush ripped off Al Gore in the “dangling Chad” 2000 election should feel the same way regarding the Al Franken “Minnesota found ballots” in 2009.  But they don’t.

And finally, give high school kids condoms.  All the damn Trojans they want.  Abstinence does not work for most horny teenagers, so give the kid a rubber or deal with the consequences of welfare moms and overcrowded prisons when another ghetto bastard who doesn’t know his dad knocks over a liquor store and gets a 10-year bid on your on your holier-than-thou Theo-Con dime.

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