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Truth About Teamsters Union And Hostess Delivery Trucks

Friday, January 11th, 2013

In my constant quest to piss off die-hard union workers that sap our city, county, state and federal budgets with their lifetime paycheck entitlement mentality, I applaud the state of Michigan for their right-to-work stance.

The Wall Street Journal had a brief editorial on the matter, that I would love to share:

“Unions can extract monopoly wages and benefits for a time from a profitable industry, but often at the cost of making that industry less competitive and eventually at the cost of union jobs. Thus did Teamster work rules — cake and bread had to be delivered in separate trucks — cost the bakery workers their jobs at Hostess.”

I had touched on the union costing Americans and fans around the world Twinkies, but when the truth comes out that cake and bread could not reside on the same delivery truck, good riddance.  The brands will resurface from another company in the next year and workers will find work, and the unions will have another nail in the collective coffins.

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Michigan Economic Development Corporation Wasting Money?

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I was thumbing through last month’s copy of Fast Company magazine and came across the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s ad and it jogged my memory.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

I saw the MEDC advertisement several months ago in the magazine touting “aggressive financial and economic incentives available right now,” for companies that would consider a move to their humble state.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation Never Responded

I visited their website,, read through the propaganda and dropped a note to their email address posted:

I asked about the incentives that may be available to a willing-to-move start-up technology company that is currently in San Jose, California, how my company may benefit and any other offerings.

You’ll never guess the response…ahh….the suspense!

Yes, I am still waiting for their response.  No email response, no phone call, no postal mail with a Media Kit, no smoke signals.  Zip, zilch, nada.

I would be interested in moving our Internet-based company to a location outside California if there were incentives that made fiscal sense, such as tax breaks and investment.

Your tax dollars are paying for these full-page ads, Michigan residents, and the people who are recruiting companies are dropping the ball.

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