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San Francisco Illegal Aliens OK To Drive Without A License

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Illegal immigrants in San Francisco can now drive cars without a driver’s license, thanks to new Police Chief George Gascon, who states the city is just “trying to be sensitive to all the communities we serve,” according to a Matier and Ross column on

Joe Illegal, (I cannot refer to him as Jose Illegal, because I’d be stereotyping) gets pulled over for running a stop sign.  Pete Traffic Cop finds he doesn’t have a driver’s license, so he lends him a cell phone to call his neighbor who has a license and insurance to come and get the car.  Everywhere else, even places like Berkeley and Davis, havens for wacko radicals, the car winds up in a towing company’s lot.

How many laws are potentially being broken here?  Driving without a valid license; driving without insurance; possibly driving an un-registered car; and, oh…being an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!

Illegal Aliens Run Free in San Francisco

Remember, San Francisco is a so-called Sanctuary City that refuses to cooperate with the Feds when it comes to rounding up undocumented residents.  The city also lets illegal immigrants who are criminals back into the community to commit more crimes.

District Attorney Kamala Harris should have blood on her hands after an “alleged” MS-13 gang member, Edwin Ramos, gunned down San Franciscan Tony Bologna and two of his sons, Matthew and Michael, and wounded his youngest son.

Illegal Immigrant and MS-13 Member killed Bologna family

Illegal Immigrant and MS-13 Member killed Bologna family

You see, Edwin came here illegally and joined MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), a murderous street gang.  He was previously arrested by SFPD and convicted of two felonies, one when he tried to rob a pregnant woman on the bus, but San Francisco’s Probation Department chooses to ignore the immigration status of their criminals.

Soft On Crime Kamala Harris Running for Attorney General

Kamala Harris, who is also running to be California’s next Attorney General, has decided not to pursue the death penalty against Mr. Ramos.  Remember this on election day, folks.

I am not saying Joe Illegal, mentioned above, is a bad person or will gun down an innocent family.  I am saying he has no driver’s license and he has no insurance, and if he hits you, you are screwed.  He hasn’t had the pleasure of taking a driving test and without insurance, he is a literal ghost that will likely run and hide if he hits something or someone.

Scary stuff if you are driver or pedestrian in San Francisco.

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