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Union Workers Are Lazy and Helpless

Friday, November 13th, 2009

This past week, there have been several large companies announcing layoffs because of drooping stock prices, lower than expected sales, or simple job overlap.  That’s business in the real world, where if the company needs to meet the bottom line or appease shareholders, the appropriate cuts are made.  Companies do what is best for the company – end of discussion.

When a city government lays off workers, union workers, all hell breaks loose.  Let’s see, cities are broke and many in deficit mode due to over-bloated benefits and pension packages, they support illegal immigrants’ health care and social services all while crimes go unsolved and potholes unfilled, and there is griping over layoffs?

Yes, Mr. Shareholder, we donated $7 million to the Guatemalan orphan relief fund and upped our warehouse manager’s benefit package to include his grandparents in Burma, and lost $27 million last quarter, and no, we cannot lay anyone off because that would be unfair.  Can you imagine?!

Sprint, Electronic Arts and Microsoft Cut Jobs

Sprint lays off 2000 workers and Electronic Arts cuts 1500 from their force, and since there is no union involved, Nancy Pelosi is not butting in asking for better severance or government assistance.  Heck, even Microsoft eliminated 800 jobs, but that didn’t even ring a bell or get a mention in the paper or evening news.  These are technology jobs, the theory goes, so these people will just go to another tech company or start a company, right?

Actually, that is right.  That is correct because that is the way technology jobs go…one company goes up another slips and so goes the workforce.  It’s not the end of the world when Oracle buys PeopleSoft or Siebel System and lays off 10,000 because they bounce back or decide to start a company themselves.

But heaven forbid, the City of San Francisco decides to lay off 500 workers to help close a $438 million budget deficit and the world stops.  Yes, you read correctly, San Francisco has a $438 million budget deficit!  How is that even possible?  They tax the hell out of businesses, San Franciscans pay the highest sales tax rates in the country, then there are hotel, airport, gas, payroll, parking and other assorted taxes, and they are still $538.00 short per resident.

Apparently Union Workers Lack Drive and Ambition

Apparently city and union workers are helpless, lack drive and ambition, and have no visible levels of talent, and a layoff will cause them to wilt away and die.  Good for Gavin Newsom for not protecting these coddled workers from the chopping block as the some members on the Board of Supervisors wanted.

Losing a job sucks, we all know that, but (bleep) happens, and you deal with it.  The trans-gendered union boss, Robert Haaland of the Local 1021, stated¸”This is about fairness and equity,” since most of the affected workers are women and minorities.  OK, so make it more fair and equitable – lay off more workers and make them straight, male and majority.

Transgendered Union Boss Robert Haaland

Transgendered Union Boss Robert Haaland

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Gavin Newsom Exits Race – Bad News For Republicans

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom, decided to drop out of the race to become California’s next governor.  This is bad news for Republicans, as this leaves Jerry Brown as the early favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the 2010 election.

You remember him, Governor Moonbeam from the 1970’s?  He dated Linda Ronstadt because everyone thought he was really gay.

The Republican’s hope is likely ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who has a boatload of money but no political experience and forgot to vote in a number of elections because she was too busy.

Newsom, love him or hate him, would have been better for the state than Brown, if the Democrats won the office back.  Newsom is logical and actually cares about doing what is correct whereas Brown gives the aura of needing to be correct to feed his ego and “politically correct” to show he isn’t really just a rich white guy who’s never held a real job.  In other words, the lesser of two evils, from a Republican point of view.

Newsom would have brought some elegance to the office.  He has movie star looks and an heiress for a wife, along with a newborn baby.  He can throw out the first pitch at a ball game and not embarrass himself.  Brown looks like an angry old man, and Meg Whitman looks like she can beat Brown or Newsom in an arm wrestling match.

Meg Whitman Air-Kissing John McCain

Meg Whitman Air-Kissing John McCain

Whitman does bring common sense and decades of real-world business experience that should, in a perfect world, have an impact on the state.  The problem is she will likely run into the same brick wall that Arnold banged his head into when trying to bring sense to the school systems, voting districts and spending.  The unions and Democrats ganged up and twisted the truth, not for the betterment of the state, but for the betterment of their padded taxpayer-paid pensions.

Think about this for a second…California leans left, meaning the chances of a Republican winning are slim to begin with.  We pay the most taxes in the nation and we lead the world in innovation, but the state is broke.  I know why and you know why, and Meg knows why, but she would be powerless to fix the problems, and Jerry Brown will just make things worse with more departments, bureaus and task forces.  That is why we should be more than a bit worried.  Sorry to see you go, Gavin.

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