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Logical Republican Has Arrived – Love Me or Hate Me

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

This is just what we need, another political blog from a semi-right-wing living contradiction who is a non-bible-thumping, non-Barack Obama-hating, non-George Bush-loving Republican hailing from San Francisco.

Does the world really need my commentary and opinion?  I’d like to think so, because I am right, as in correct, on most things.  Am I smarter than you?  According to statistics based on that (ha-ha) culturally-biased Stanford-Binet IQ Test, yes – or at least more so than 98% of the general population.  But that’s not why I tend to be correct most of the time, it’s because I try to use logic and common sense.  Not because I am a pompous jerk that recites test scores, though some may dispute this.

Logic tells me that General Motors cannot survive paying legacy workers’ pensions and benefits to the tune of $6000 per vehicle sold.  In other words, $6-large off the top of each car, truck and SUV GM sells goes to pay off people who no longer make their lousy cars in their under-producing factories.

Common sense tells me it’s not racial profiling when police pull over a 1976 Monte Carlo with 20-inch rims and a broken tail light or overly tinted windows in a gang-infested neighborhood.

My heart tells me that if I lived in a poor country with little chance for success that I, too, would beg, borrow and steal my way into this country, regardless of the potential consequences.  Same as if my family were hungry, I’d feed them someway, somehow.  Not that my methods would be right, but they would be.

My opinion is that all of those who thought George Bush ripped off Al Gore in the “dangling Chad” 2000 election should feel the same way regarding the Al Franken “Minnesota found ballots” in 2009.  But they don’t.

And finally, give high school kids condoms.  All the damn Trojans they want.  Abstinence does not work for most horny teenagers, so give the kid a rubber or deal with the consequences of welfare moms and overcrowded prisons when another ghetto bastard who doesn’t know his dad knocks over a liquor store and gets a 10-year bid on your on your holier-than-thou Theo-Con dime.

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