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Truth About Teamsters Union And Hostess Delivery Trucks

Friday, January 11th, 2013

In my constant quest to piss off die-hard union workers that sap our city, county, state and federal budgets with their lifetime paycheck entitlement mentality, I applaud the state of Michigan for their right-to-work stance.

The Wall Street Journal had a brief editorial on the matter, that I would love to share:

“Unions can extract monopoly wages and benefits for a time from a profitable industry, but often at the cost of making that industry less competitive and eventually at the cost of union jobs. Thus did Teamster work rules — cake and bread had to be delivered in separate trucks — cost the bakery workers their jobs at Hostess.”

I had touched on the union costing Americans and fans around the world Twinkies, but when the truth comes out that cake and bread could not reside on the same delivery truck, good riddance.  The brands will resurface from another company in the next year and workers will find work, and the unions will have another nail in the collective coffins.

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Union Strike Kills Twinkies, Wonder Bread and Hostess and 18,000 Jobs

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos are dead and 18,000 people are out of work, as a union strike has killed Hostess.

Once again, unions try and bleed a company and do not understand a company needs to adapt to meet competition, and in this case, their greed cost everyone on the payroll and Twinkies fans all over the world.

Hostess files Bankruptcy

Unions kill Twinkies and Wonder Bread, 18,000 jobs lost

The strike essentially shut down Hostess production for an extended period, and with no cashflow, there are no paychecks. Hostess couldn’t ramp up production and has decided to file for bankruptcy and sell off their products to the highest bidder.

Grocery stores are competing with Target and Wal-Mart who now sell milk and eggs and are non-union, leaving specialty stores as the only grocers who can charge a premium for their products and support union-scale wages.

Union leaders must be proud they stood up to “The Man” and held their ground, and union members surely feel good today as they backed union leaders who had their best interests in mind.

R.I.P Wonder Bread, creamy filled Tinkies, foil-wrapped Ding Dongs and log-shaped Ho Hos.

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America Needs A New Ronald Reagan in 2016

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

America is prejudiced. Americans do not like Mormons, that must be the explanation for Barack Obama’s defeat of Mitt Romney.

Mormons are a cult. They have dozens of wives. They don’t drink coffee, beer or wine. Utah is cold in the winter, and Robert Redford lives there. I never liked Donny and Marie Osmond.

These are some of the excuses, with the words changed, if Obama had lost the election yesterday.  “The black guy had his chance,” Tom the Mechanic, from upstate Iowa, stated as part of his explanation of voting Republican, after supporting Obama in 2008.

Of course, this is in jest, but the reality was, Mitt Romney didn’t click with America. Whether it was the prep school upbringing, never having a Budweiser at a football game, the religion that most of America looks at with some level of suspicion, or his lack of cajones in pouncing on Obama during the debate over the Libya coverup when Obama danced deftly around the question about embassy security.

He should have said, “Mr. President, can you just answer the damn question? We all know the ambassadors work hard, but can you please explain why he is now dead?”

America needs a new Ronald Reagan.  One born in the 1960’s or 1970’s. We need a leader who came up through the ranks, who relied on student loans and hard work to pay for his or her education.  2016 will be wide open for new ideas to clean up the preceding eight years of moving toward socialism, taxes and debt.


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Competing With China Is A Stacked Deck

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Next time you hear about Chinese competition in a particular business sector, chomp on this: Nearly 50-percent of all Chinese citizens are employees of the Chinese government.

The companies knocking off Louis Vuitton bags, bootlegging Hollywood movies and stealing software, schematics and other intellectual property, could very well be supported by the government.

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Politicians Do Not Support Small Business

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Business owners do not believe politicians support small business. Is this a surprise?

Cities pile on fees, licenses and taxes and make life miserable for a cash-strapped business owner. The state also adds on filings and fees for missed deadlines on semi-meaningless forms that have to be signed, dated, mailed and accompanied by a check.

We won’t even mention the Feds.

According to INC. Magazine, the percentage of business owners who feel the Republicans support small business is 23%; the number is 21% for Democrats, and 35% feel none of the political parties are in their corner.


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Recycle Your Old Cell Phone at an EcoATM

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I just came across something pretty cool, an ATM-type machine that allows you to recycle – OK, sell, your old cell phone.

Called EcoATM, the machine scans your old cell phone and calculates how much it’s worth and pays you right then and there.  I’ll admit, I haven’t seen one of these machines in person yet, but I do have several old phones that are collecting dust around the house that if Ican get $5.00 or $10.00 for, I’d be pretty stoked!

According to their website, they have locations in Southern California, on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA and for some reason, two locations in Nebraska.  Nebraska?!

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Please Mr. President Raise My Taxes

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Please, Mr. President, raise my taxes so you don’t have to cut entitlements, pensions or waste.

Please raise my taxes so we can continue to send aid checks to countries that hate us.

Please raise my taxes so we can create new government agencies that give jobs and pensions to people who accomplish nothing.

Please raise my taxes so we can pay college tuition for illegal immigrants.

Please raise my taxes so we can pay for medical expenses of family members of non-citizens who can sponsor their parents even though they only hold a green card.

Please raise my taxes so we can continue paying welfare to people who have cashed checks for decades without ever looking for a job.

Please raise my taxes so we can cover growing pension payments for every government aide that has graced the land of the free and home of the brave.

Please raise my taxes so we subsidize corn farmers so we can make ethanol. Never mind that it costs $5.00 per gallon to produce and sells for $3.00.

Please raise my taxes so we can fund another Solyndra.

Doug Edwards, a former Google tech-millionaire, and Obama supporter was apparently OK’d to get up and ask Mr. Obama to raise his taxes, while speaking at a townhall meeting at Since raising taxes has been one of Obama’s goals since he has been in office, and since Edwards has donated large sums of money to Democratic causes in the past, it would not be surprising if he approached the Obama team to pre-qualify the question knowing full well the sound-bite press coverage it would get.

Again, instead of raising taxes for anyone, let’s cut the fat, and let’s start with pensions. I challenge a politician, particularly a Republican politician to announce for the record they will forgo their pension once retired and then have them challenge others and see if it gains any traction.


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Grocery Store Plastic Bag Ban

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Politicians have nothing else to do. Never mind the budget overruns, out of whack pensions for public employees or transit systems that are terminally broken. None of these matter as much as stopping me from having my milk put into a bag made from plastic at the grocery store.  It started in San Francisco, likely the most dysfunctional city in America, and has filtered south to San Jose, a city where bootleg DVDs and handbags can be found in a dozen ethnic shopping malls around town without a second glance from city hall.

Years ago stores phased out paper bags because they killed trees and plastic was cheaper. Now plastic is evil and paper is coming back, or to some stores, such as Ikea, bags have been eliminated, period. We are supposed to bring a re-usable bags. A bag I am supposed to buy.

Never mind the inconvenience or how I will get 4 gallons of milk upstairs from the garage, plus my groceries. Never mind the cans of green beans rolling around my trunk. Never mind that I now have to buy trash bags – plastic trash bags. Today, I reuse these bags for garbage and recycling, but that is probably evil, too.



The micro-management of our elected politicians is getting more and more bizarre, and we as a population seem to tolerate this behavior. The silent majority needs to take a stand to the so-called “correct left” and say enough is enough: do something useful like eliminating all government pensions for those who don’t teach our children or risk their life on our behalf so we can stop living in a deficit world.

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Private Vaults To Protect Your Assets

Friday, January 7th, 2011

After I cash my paycheck, that money should be mine. Taxes have been deducted and if I choose to spend that money on a stereo, invest in a penny stock or change everything into $5.00 dollar bills and fill up a mattress, that should be my prerogative.

Of course, this isn’t the case. Interest on my bank account is added to my yearly tax return, any money I earn from selling a stock is taxable income.  The government wants to know pretty much what you have and where you put it, which to me, feels like an invasion of privacy.

Flipping through a magazine, I came across an advertisement for private vaults.  The ad captured me, “….we won’t ask your name or anything about you.” They use an iris scan, and prices start at $250.00 for a small box, annually. The company, Private Vaults, is located in Las Vegas, and while they have a pretty cheesy looking website, I love the concept.

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California Train to Nowhere is Not a Solution

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

As we all celebrate Christmas and the upcoming New Year, we are a country that refuses to look itself in the mirror. Politicians and labor leaders harp on the fact there are fewer and fewer jobs in manufacturing and other blue-collar occupations, and put together all kinds of works projects to create temporary jobs that will last for a few months or years but don ‘t solve the big problem of long-term employment.

California has decided to build the “Train to Nowhere,” or as is it now called, “The Train to Bakersfield.”  This project is hailed by the liberals as a job-creator and a method to travel throughout the state on a high-speed rail system.  With $4 Billion on federal stimulus money, tracks are being laid on a 65-mile route starting in a town named Corcoran.

Corcoran, California is a town of 25,000 and is probably most famous as the place where Robert Downey Jr. was incarcerated.

Again, short-term solutions to long-term problems.

A train. A manufacturing plant. A construction project.

None of these are solutions, as once the project is done, the workers are all looking for the next government-funded gig.  America has to realize that we never will be a manufacturing country to the magnitude we once were.  We have evolved. Specialty manufacturing, yes, but able to compete with countries that have cheap, non-union labor, no way. Allen Edmonds shoes in Wisconsin and John Deere, Mack Trucks and Boeing jets.



It’s all about technology and companies that can scale without the need to have incremental head-count increases. Groupon‘s costs do not increase 10-fold when their web traffic increases the same amount. It costs no more to to complete 1o transactions than it does 5 transactions. In other words, it is not labor intensive. And they are worth $6 Billion.

So how do we solve the technology gap? How to we get the people who want to work and now pawns of the liberal programs involved? The days of the UAW having 100,000 people in a town building transmissions are done. We need to find the niche markets that the global market needs and demands Made in the USA on the product.

It takes one brilliant idea to transform a town or region. One visionary to create a widget that everyone needs. One amazing person to rejuvenate all the pizza parlors and beauty salons and grocery stores. It’s not a train line or a highway project. Let’s encourage our brightest and best to create, design and build here and the rest will take care of itself.

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