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Boycotting the Racist 2010 U.S. Census

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I have boycotted the 2010 U.S. Census until today because it is racist.  I will say it again, the Census is racist, and the only reason I am filling out the form is because I don’t want some bohemian government temp worker knocking on my door and making their own snap judgments on me and/or my family.

The government did a wonderful P.R. job on why we should fill out the form; better funding for our neighborhoods and schools, blah, blah.

Back to my racist claims – It is either divide and conquer, or devalue the majority.

If you were to read the form, Question 6 asks, “What is the person’s race?”  You can be White, Black, American Indian, or a slew of other “races” that include Guamanian, Hmong or Samoan.  An individual from Guam and one from the Philippines are about as close as a German and an Austrian, but the brown folks get their own box; the white folks are all the same.  If you are Greek, that is the same as being Swedish, but if you are Laotian, that is entirely different from being Cambodian – yet Cambodians and Laotians are able to “write-in” their background whereas the Greek guy is lumped together with all the white people.

This is the same government and census that says Osama Bin-Laden is a white guy, most Asian people are not Asian, and black people have an option of being classified Negro.

Another question asks if you happen to be of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin.  I would like to know what exactly a European person from Spain, a black man from Cuba and an Indio from Uruguay have in common other than the Cuban and Uruguayan’s ancestors were raped and pillaged by Spanish explorers and force-fed the Spanish language and Catholicism.

If we choose to lump all white and black people together, regardless of using ethnicities, let’s do the same for brown and yellow.

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