Meg Whitman Fights Claims of Racism and Job Outsourcing

Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay is running for governor of California, we all know this.  We also know that eBay grew leaps and bounds under her watch, and made her and many eBay employees and investors phenomenally wealthy.

The fact that people from around the world, from all walks of life and all political slants utilize the eBay platform to earn a living, seems be lost on Democrats who would elect a French poodle over any Republican, regardless of their pedigree.

When opponents cannot come up with any real beef against a candidate they grasp for straws, so let’s toss the racism card at Meg, since after all, she wants to control illegal immigration from Mexico.  A perennial candidate for office, Stewart Alexander, makes these “Meg Whitman is a racist” claims for no other reason than because he can.  He claims, and I quote, “Whitman’s position is racist and discriminates against Mexican-Americans.”

Immigration Control Benefits Mexican-Americans

Huh? If anything, it helps Mexican-Americans in the view of non Mexican-Americans in that there won’t be a question if they are here “legally” or if they are undocumented.

There is a huge difference between immigrating legally and going through the proper procedures versus hopping a fence and avoiding border patrols.

This leads me to a man named Osama Bedier.  Osama, who?!  Osama Bedier is the Vice President of New Ventures at the eBay subsidiary,


Osama-Bedier-VP of PayPal-eBay

Would a woman hire a man named Osama if she were a xenophobe? Or did she hire Mr. Bedier because he was the best candidate?  That is something few democrats grasp, Silicon Valley and start-up companies work on merit – if you are great, you are greatly rewarded.  If you are mediocre or lazy, you’re gone.  There are no unions here.

Another jab at Whitman has been that since she is pro-business, she will outsource all jobs to a far-away land, like India, and all the “real” jobs will vanish.  Something to chomp on here – ex-eBay and PayPal employees have spawned companies such as,, and to name just a portion of the long list.  In other words, she hired really smart people who left to start new companies that also hire really smart people and create more jobs.

Meg Whitman will likely become California’s next governor, despite taunts and jabs from democrats that have no muscle behind them.

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11 Responses to “Meg Whitman Fights Claims of Racism and Job Outsourcing”

  1. James Patron says:

    I worked at eBay while Meg Whitman was in charge. It was a great work environment until she started sending American jobs overseas (mostly to India, but several hundred to Canada as well). This was while she was giving herself and other executives big bonuses, and while eBay stock was plummeting.

    Call this a taunt and a jab with no muscle if you want. But in my opinion, anyone that destroys American jobs while putting money in the hands of foreign countries is not fit to serve in government.

  2. Rich says:

    Thanks for the feedback, James. Have you thought that possibly she was dangling a carrot, as many companies do? Give India a few jobs, some to Canada, a few to the UK, etc., to get some good PR and then marketshare in those countries? Boeing does this, for example, to help win large deals.

  3. Josh says:

    “In other words, she hired really smart people who left to start new companies that also hire really smart people and create more jobs.”

    I love the logic here. Hey guys, lets fire everyone to create more jobs, maybe that will work. Ebay can’t claim shit on youtube or yelp. You can thank hungry mouths and desperate people that were forced to be creative for that.

  4. Dan Bieller says:

    Our entire division (corporate customer retention) was outsourced to a company in Pakistan. There were 18 of us, plus a couple of managers. I think the managers kept their jobs… but I know all of us rank-and-file were sacrificed on the altar of the quarterly return.

    She gave several hundred jobs away. I still think she’s a better candidate for Governor – I’d never vote for Jerry Brown, even if I was going to vote for a Democrat – but for her to run on a jobs platform is pretty ballsy given her history.

  5. phyllis says:

    Let’s be perfectly honest here. Meg works for the bottom line of her company whether it is for the good of our country or not, that is her job. Sending jobs to other countries while people at home are without work is wrong in my opinion. I worked in IT for numerous large companies. Their excuse for outsourcing was that there were not enough qualified Americans to do the work. So why did they take jobs away from very senior qualified Americans to give to the rest of the world or why didn’t they train Americans for the jobs? Meg is trying to buy this job for Governor – obviously she can afford to because she was successful at her company by reducing the cost of labor and circumventing unions who fight for the American worker.

    Meg, California has a tremendous deficit. Will you fix that by outsourcing the legislature and the
    police department and the fire department and the road department etc. I’m sure if you brought over tons of Indians that they could do the jobs for less and once again you could circumvent the unions and protect the almighty bottom line.

    Yeh, yeh, Meg – of course you would be running as a Republican.

  6. ed cabanban says:

    Please find out if Meg Pitman offsource jobs away from Ebay when she was a CEO.
    If she did offsource jobs, we must not elect her, this is the reason why our economy
    is going down. We have to find out more from any of the politician that is favoring
    “off sourcing”, we must not elect this politician.

  7. Theo says:

    A “few” jobs to India? Just try calling eBay customer support or using live chat. You get directly to Mumbai. It’s not a “few”, it’s THOUSANDS. Whitman cares only about herself. Vote for her at your peril

  8. Rich says:

    Maybe so…but how many jobs did she create? How many people are working, either at eBay or their own entity because of eBay and what she helped build as CEO?

  9. Rich says:

    OK, she lost. But we are missing the point. She created jobs here. 1000’s and 1000’s jobs directly at eBay and indirectly through people selling their wares and opening their own shops on the site.

  10. Rich says:

    OK, she lost. But will Jerry Brown, a guy who never had a real job in his life do a better job? His campaign was funded by the very unions that are putting California in peril with their pensions and benefit packages. Silicon Valley is a success because of the lack of unions. People here are hired and fired on merit, not how long you have been with the company. The almighty bottom line is something our government should learn about, and something the “union shops” such as GM and the airlines needed learn the hard way through bankruptcy. Unions in the workplace don’t work for America when it comes to balancing the books any longer if we need t compete in a global economy.

  11. Rich says:

    Dan – How many jobs did she create at eBay? I’ll guess everyone you worked with owed their employment to her vision. I am also sure you did OK on the stock options you cashed out. Jobs in Silicon Valley are here today and at another company tomorrow…that is what we all signed up for. Otherwise we can work for the post office! It sucks to lose your job to downsizing, the economy or whatever, I know from experience, but it beats dealing blackjack in Reno or carrying a mailbag in Akron.

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