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Barbara Boxer is Now a Blonde

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Barbara Boxer is fighting for her political life, running for re-election this November, assuming she wins the June 8th California primary election.  President Obama has made two appearances within the state to assist with fundraising, so apparently she and the Democrats are a bit worried about her chances in the November general election. According to her website, Boxer has more than $9 million on hand in her war chest.

Most people, including myself, feel she is about as safe as can be, considering California’s voting record and her mystifying popularity.  I don’t really know anyone who actually likes her or thinks she does a good job, but they all feel she will beat her potential Republican opponents, either former HP CEO Carly Fiorina or perennial candidate, Tom Campbell.

However some think the “Scott Brown Effect” may doom her.  Either way, I thinks she is worried, and this is, to me, obvious from the changing colors of her hair.  In case you haven’t noticed, 69 year-old Barbara Boxer is now a blonde.

Over the years Barbara Boxer has been many things, from graying granny to ballsy brunette, and now a blonde.  Let’s look at the many faces of Barbara Boxer, shall we?

Barbara Boxer circa 1993 with gray hair


Barbara Boxer With Grey Hair

Looking like Laura Bush with brown hair, this look didn’t last


Barbara Boxer with brown hair looking like an older Laura Bush

At age 69, Barbara Boxer is now a blonde.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you!


69 year-old Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., now has blond hair

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Ike’s Place Great Sandwiches Terrorizing The Neighborhood

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Only in San Francisco a company can become successful and then get sued by its neighbors for being too successful and get evicted by their landlord.

Ike’s Place, a deli which is located in the heavily gay Castro District is a darling.  They have out-of-this-world ratings and comments, and allegedly put together some of the greatest sandwiches this side of the memory of Little Woman on 29th and Clement.

After the general public started raving about Ike’s on Yelp, the lines started and people who wouldn’t normally venture to that part of town were taking up parking spots and, heaven forbid, spending money.  The tenants in the upstairs units complained about the increased traffic, and the local business decided to call their lawyers and sue Ike.

Ike’s lease is supposed to run until 2018, but the landlord wants him out on his ear so he can find a less successful tenant.  His neighboring business want him out so they have less foot traffic of people they could potentially monetize.  Ike’s neighbors accuse of him of “terrorizing the neighborhood.”

The good part is that it’s nearly impossible to evict anyone in San Francisco, the really stupid part is that his neighbors, instead of opening a lemonade stand and profiting from the traffic, they decide to litigate.  I say we begin a boycott on his neighbors; your thoughts?!

Ike's Place Deli in San Francisco Castro District is being evicted

Ike's Place Deli in San Francisco Castro District is being evicted

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Republican Radio Shows Have Highest Ratings

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I am sure the Democrats will have a testy or humorous comeback to this, but I just read an article in a recent edition of Forbes Magazine that the three highest rated radio talk-shows in America are Rush Limbaugh 15.3 million weekly listeners, Sean Hannity with 14.3 million and Glenn Beck, with 9 million.

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Meg Whitman Fights Claims of Racism and Job Outsourcing

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay is running for governor of California, we all know this.  We also know that eBay grew leaps and bounds under her watch, and made her and many eBay employees and investors phenomenally wealthy.

The fact that people from around the world, from all walks of life and all political slants utilize the eBay platform to earn a living, seems be lost on Democrats who would elect a French poodle over any Republican, regardless of their pedigree.

When opponents cannot come up with any real beef against a candidate they grasp for straws, so let’s toss the racism card at Meg, since after all, she wants to control illegal immigration from Mexico.  A perennial candidate for office, Stewart Alexander, makes these “Meg Whitman is a racist” claims for no other reason than because he can.  He claims, and I quote, “Whitman’s position is racist and discriminates against Mexican-Americans.”

Immigration Control Benefits Mexican-Americans

Huh? If anything, it helps Mexican-Americans in the view of non Mexican-Americans in that there won’t be a question if they are here “legally” or if they are undocumented.

There is a huge difference between immigrating legally and going through the proper procedures versus hopping a fence and avoiding border patrols.

This leads me to a man named Osama Bedier.  Osama, who?!  Osama Bedier is the Vice President of New Ventures at the eBay subsidiary,


Osama-Bedier-VP of PayPal-eBay

Would a woman hire a man named Osama if she were a xenophobe? Or did she hire Mr. Bedier because he was the best candidate?  That is something few democrats grasp, Silicon Valley and start-up companies work on merit – if you are great, you are greatly rewarded.  If you are mediocre or lazy, you’re gone.  There are no unions here.

Another jab at Whitman has been that since she is pro-business, she will outsource all jobs to a far-away land, like India, and all the “real” jobs will vanish.  Something to chomp on here – ex-eBay and PayPal employees have spawned companies such as,, and to name just a portion of the long list.  In other words, she hired really smart people who left to start new companies that also hire really smart people and create more jobs.

Meg Whitman will likely become California’s next governor, despite taunts and jabs from democrats that have no muscle behind them.

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